Welcome to Designer Notes!

Some call me a Designer, an Information Architect, Business Analyst, a PM-IA -UX, CRUX, UXA (oh my!) and occasionally even a Developer! What!?

I prefer Creative Goddess. It doesn’t lock me into any field and it wins the title race hands down. :-)

Seriously though. My skill sets overlap into many areas: user experience, information architecture, visual design, business analysis, usability, and front-end development (only a small bit on the development though). I am like water. I come in and fill in the voids so as to raise everyone up.

This web site contains graphic portfolio samples from my web and software interface design work as well as case studies and some wonderful recommendations from clients and colleagues.

My fine art portfolio has moved to its own site. At JillianHudson.com you can view my paintings, drawings and jewelry.

Past Clients have included:

CCN, Club Corp, CompUSA, The Contemporary (Dallas Visual Arts Center), Creative Solutions Ad Agency, DigitalFish Technologies, inc., Enterpulse, Ernst & Young, LLP., Interact Simulations, Intuit, Jems Communications, KPMG Pete Marwick (Palo Alto & Dallas locations), Mary Kay, Inc., Miller Freeman Publishing, NAMM (Natl Assoc. of Music Making), Pier 1 imports, Inc., PowerPact, Proxima Multimedia, QuickSilver Interactive, Romazone, Sally’s Beauty, Square One, The Bingham Agency, Tenet Healthcare, The Urban Alternative, Tribal DDB