Welcome to User Experience Notes!

My greatest joy in UX is in discovering the end-user’s needs through process interviews and usability tests, then solving them with innovative UI and interaction designs. I feel like a UX Scout! I go in early and figure out what needs to be done to fix the user experience and any usability problems.

Core UX Specialties

  • Advocating for the end-user
  • Empathing what the client really wants
  • Drawing the big picture and drilling down to the details
  • Consistency in branding and user experience across all customer-facing media
  • Translating developer-speak to clients and vice versa
  • Intelligent use of social media in business marketing

I have a lot of new insights to share with you. Before, I was very focused on touchscreen design based on my experience working on American Airline’s check-in kiosk. Today, I want to talk about the broader issues surrounding user experience in application design. In a lot of ways, it’s very different than the user experience needs on websites.

This web site contains sample deliverables, graphic portfolio samples from my web and software interface design work as well as case studies, and some wonderful recommendations from clients and colleagues.