Welcome to User Experience Notes!

My greatest joy in UX is in discovering the end-user’s needs through contextual interviews and usability tests, then providing innovative solutions. I’m a UX Scout. I go in early and figure out what needs to be done to fix the user experience and any usability problems to lead the team to success!

  • My working style is mentoring. I believe that we all of something to teach and something to learn from each other.
  • According to a former supervisor, my super power is getting to the “heart of the problem” in each project. You can’t craft a solution until you understand the problem.
  • Due to my extensive design background, my research recommendations are very actionable for the UX designers to implement. I speak their language!

Past clients have included:

American Airlines, Bank of America, CCN, Club Corp, CompUSA, The Contemporary (Dallas Visual Arts Center), Creative Solutions Ad Agency, DigitalFish Technologies, inc., Enterpulse, Ernst & Young, LLP., Interact Simulations, Intuit, Jems Communications, KPMG Pete Marwick (Palo Alto & Dallas locations), Mary Kay, Inc., Miller Freeman Publishing, NAMM (Natl Assoc. of Music Making), Pier 1 imports, Inc., PowerPact, Proxima Multimedia, QuickSilver Interactive, Romazone, Sally’s Beauty, Square One, The Bingham Agency, Tenet Healthcare, The Urban Alternative, Tribal DDB, Wells Fargo

Download my resume (Word doc and PDF)