Allergy Menu Service

It’s been a passion project of mine for several years to create an app that will allow restaurant customers with food allergies to filter menus by allergies to a greater degree than is available today. This app has usability implications for both the customer and the restaurant management that maintains the menus.


  1. Complete an enthographic study of people with multiple food allergies to understand their day-to-day challenges of living with food allergies.
    1. Send out survey to recruit study candidates. (DONE)
    2. Invite candidates to a one-on-one in person interview, if possible. Some interviews may be via video conferencing. (In progress)
    3. Complete interviews.
    4. Document study findings.
  2. Create a proof of concept design.
  3. Engage with developer for working prototype.
  4. Flesh out the rest of the roadmap…

Project Documents

  • Survey questions
  • Survey results
  • Study findings
  • POC designs
  • Prototype