Bank of America

I spent two years in Bank of America’s cybersecurity division. My role was as their sole UX designer and user researcher. Most of my work was early project work, or as I like to call it UX Scouting.

Due to the sensitive nature of my interviews (and the fact that none of my team was located locally), I worked remote during this contract.


For each new project I was assigned, I met with the stakeholders before the work started to determine the scope and their KPIs for the effort.

I followed up by performing contextual research interviews with the team’s end users to find out how they performed the project-related processes either with current applications or manually (in some cases). In many cases, I was able to surface many unresolved software defects as well as usability issues that impacted the team’s efficiency.

My last step was to create new designs based on the stakeholders’ project and my research that improved the usability software and efficiency of the team.


All projects were related to risk assessment—both internal and external.

  • Risk Event Form: I overhauled the input form to be less overwhelming to the end-user and provide the most relevant information to the team that received and processed the resulting tickets.
  • Ticket Assignment: Through contextual interviews on a manual assignment process, I was able to design a system that automated their business logic and provided more efficient distribution of the high-priority job tickets.
  • Big Data: This is where I spent most of my time. There were multiple projects for a variety of security teams but they all had the same need. They wanted to take massive amounts of data and slice and dice it to bubble up risk and drill down to the details. The trick was to tailor the most relevant data for each team’s needs.