Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield Presentation

I spent two months in 2006 with the Addison Cushman & Wakefield team. I created a Flash presentation for the brokers to take to prospective clients. Their main goal was to have a sophisticated tool that would allow them to present the Downtown and Uptown Dallas Business District in a comprehensive and exciting way. It is meant to be shown on a laptop or projected in a conference room. This Flash 8 project utilized several advanced Actionscript 2.0 features, including: interactive video, movieclip buttons, swapping movieclips in a movieclip holder and several components—mostly popup windows and scrollpanes.

Main View

After the intro movie, the presentation opens to this aerial view of Downtown Dallas looking from North to South. This will be the main area view for the rest of the presentation. From here, the broker can navigate to all the properties plus addition items of interest, including:

Regional statistics of the commercial real estate market

Switch the the South to North view by clicking the compass in the upper right corner of the map (The compass rotates to the new heading as the map flips over to reveal the other map.)

And last but not least, an interactive pay parking map of the Downtown area. By the way, rolling over the Cushman & Wakefield logo in the bottom right activates a movieclip button with a popup window showcasing some of the company’s long history.

Building Page

By clicking on a building in either map view, a new movieclip replaces the aerial map and the building movieclip opens. here the broker can navigate to many charts, floorplans, movies from the new navigation on the left side. He can also access the pre-exisiting market statistics or click on the Product Availability button to go back to the original map. The buttons at the top right are to access video clips about the building.

Lease Comparables

This presentation has several bits of very confidential information. The brokers requested that I use rollover buttons so that they could reveal and hide information as needed. The superduper top secret stuff was accessed by clicking the vault!

Stacking Plan

The stacking plan required a scrollpane to access all floors of the stacking plan. This feature allowed them to scroll or drag up and down to show the vacant areas of the building.


For this particular building, there were three videos available: parking garage, security and the fitness club. Here the parking garage video is buffering. Since this presentation is shown on a top of the the line widescreen laptop, the videos are the only things that require any type of preloader. The text “buffering video” pulses off and on briefly before the video starts playing.

Video Tour

For this particular building, there were three 30 second videos available: parking garage, security and the fitness club. I’ve added a scrubbing bar, a rewind button and a play/pause button.

The broker can play each video separately by clicking on the icons on the top right or have them play all sequentially by clicking on the clicking on the icon with all three clips connected with arrows.

I have a portfolio version available that I can show on disk in person to anyone interested in my Flash and ActionScripting skills.