The “In a Perfect World” UX Mission Statement

It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when you’re wading through user research. The pain points, user personas, survey data, etc… can be shouting so loudly that you forget the point of it all. So I invented the “In A Perfect World” statement to bring it all home in my user research presentations.

It’s very simple.

“In a perfect world, this (project, software, feature set) would make the user feel (productive, accomplished, confident) because it (automates redundant tasks, quickly provides relevant data).”

Let’s call this a UX epic user story for the whole effort. 🙂

By bringing the user’s experience back to the forefront, we remind the team and stakeholders why we’re here. Any time the team gets lost in the details, remind them of the statement to see if what we’re doing still supports our mission statement.

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